Scanning & Restoration


Scanning image maximum size A4 at 300d.p.i. £5.00.

Scanning image maximum size A4 at 600d.p.i. £7.50.

Scanning image maximum size A4 at 1200d.p.i. £10.00.

Scans from Negs or Transparencies up to 9x6cm  £10.00

Photographs of flat artwork larger than A4             Phone  

Scans supplied on CD £5.00.


Scanning is undertaken on the basis that the customer has either copyright of the image in accordance with the 1984 Copyright act or has permission from the copyright holder for reproduction(s) to be made.


Restoration of scanned images is strictly by quotation.



Business Portraits


Portrait session including 10 Shots supplied on CD  for web sites or  for press release.   £65.00



Reproduction Printing


High quality  printing is available on site.

Longer runs  are sent for Lab photo printing


Sizes up to 7x5  £3.00   8x6  £4.00

10x8/10x7  £7.00    A4  £8.00  


A4 Contact sheet with up to 20 images £10.00.  

A5 Contact sheet with up to 10 images £7.50


Other sizes on request.  



File Operations



Transfer of Existing files to CD £15.00 per CD ROM


File format conversion or resizing £1 per file.


File format conversion and resizing £2 per file.


Apple Mac files converted to PC £2.per file.


(Media costs extra)









All Foreign Digital Passports 4 prints £25.00.


UK Digital Passport  4 prints from 6 Shots £20.00


Guaranteed to be accepted


Strictly by appointment